by The Bearing

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Special thanks:
to Mrs. Perrella for her hospitality the days after we finished.
to Erika and Ashley for being there for us while we worked odd nights in a foreign country.
to Will Prinzi and Joe Yonkers for traveling to a far away land and braving the cold for us.
and to James Perrella, without whom the album never would have been conceived, let alone recorded.


released March 11, 2014

Vocals/Guitar/Rhodes - Mark Wudtke
Vocals/Guitar - Joe Decker
Bass - Will Prinzi
Drums - Joe Yonkers

Written by Joe Decker & Mark Wudtke.
Produced by Joe Decker, James Perrella, & Mark Wudtke.
Recorded by James Perrella.
Assistance by Brandon Wells & Jeremy Vanslyke.
Mixed by Joe Decker & Mark Wudtke.
Mastered by Brian Moore of Redbooth Recording
Album art by Scott Thompson.



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Track Name: Neon
Well I'm looking at a picture of you but we haven't met
it's kind of like love at first sight but you haven't seen me yet
Now I'm spending every waking hour thinking of how to get to you
maybe a one way ticket will do

I don't remember the freeway
or the neon sign or the jet plane
when I found myself there
I knew I'd never be the same

I've got to make up my mind
you're not giving me any time to
say what you need to say
but we know it's over anyway
I wish you'd spoken up first
I wouldn't have left so suddenly
but now we're empty handed
and I'm so sorry

Now my baby's a bit vain
and sometimes she might seem insane
but when I leave her I know
she'll be calling me back someday

So now we're moving forward
how many days have I been sober?
I need your warmth again
It's not an option to bathe in your light
so I fight the dark alone
without your heart I've got no home
Track Name: Lost Boys
Baby where'd you go?
I'm grasping every syllable you said to me
before you were taken from me
but I confess it's complicated
still I know somewhere you'll hear my
words and you'll hear my cries
I still see you on the stairs at night

Somebody save me I'm on fire
I'm a wreck could it be anyone but this
I still hear laughter in her room
all alone at half past two
her smile filled my arms
you're still my heart

I leave the light on just in case
you need a signal to come back to me
your footsteps strayed outside
breaching snow boots tied tight
a few years older than your brother was
but he's older now
can you see him now?

Where'd my girl go?
when you ripped her from my arms
my fallen little star
Track Name: Rewind
Just last night remember?
I've seen you in the movies
half way through we cried so hard
I learned you as you watched me through silver eyes
the TV was noise in the background of our hearts

Cause she's a touch too friendly
and I'm afraid I'm making it worse
as she's pouring out her heart to complete strangers

Or cant you see us applaud?
I followed you from the start
for us the credits won't roll
with you I can get this right
with you I can just rewind

Or cant you hear us at all?
I've seen your whole world unfold
I've been there when you were young and growing old
with you I can believe there's something more to life
with you I can just rewind

It hurts to remember the nights we weren't together
I'll watch you even in my sleep

Cause I'm a touch too friendly
and I'm afraid she's making it worse
as I'm pouring out my heart just for her


Cause she's a touch too fake for me
and I feel I've blown an artery
waiting for my heart to burst
when every minute feels rehearsed
what's left for us?


Cause I'm in love with the thought of you
I mail letters just to get you to respond
I hold your tapes close to my heart
I watch you every night
Don't you ever leave my sight
Track Name: I Only Make Promises I Can't Keep
Five years and I couldn't forget you if I even tried
but let's not kid ourselves
I thrive on knowing you're not in my life
I remember everything that you forgot since then
and it's hard to sleep alone
when I keep running out of breath

I'd breathe you in if I could
but you're off in your own world

Daisy I promise
I won't let this dream die with you
so when you're swept to sea
I'll follow quick so I can save you
the last thing that you'll see tonight
close your eyes and just remember the green light

Drink another drop of poison just for fun
you know there's someone, somewhere watching us
we'll pay for what we've done
but until then I'm giving up on everything I couldn't be
is there not anyone you need?
is the money all you see?

I'll breathe you in if we both survive this
watch the soul-less eyes of our only witness

Daisy i promise
I won't let this dream die with us
so when I'm swept to sea
I hope you're watching from the shoreline
long island never shone so bright
so before i go will you just give me the green light?

I'd swim through murky waters
red with my blood if it meant
I'd survive for one more night
I know I'll never be what
you need but god help me if I don't try
it's all that keeps me alive

Daisy i promise
this dream won't die with us
so when I'm swept to sea
I hope you're watching from the shoreline
long island never shone so bright
so before i go...

Daisy i promise
I won't let this dream die with us
so when we're lost at sea
and there is no one left to follow
the waves will take us home somehow
but if we die will you just give me the green light?
Track Name: Dingle
1-2-2 to the UK
you just left here last Saturday
and I can already see luggage on the belt
I'd wait for 28 days or ten times longer just to say
the states look so much better with you in their arms
and mine could use a little something too

Just tell me now
don't make me wonder how
Guinness tastes on tap in the bars out where you are
and I'll be here when you get back
learning Fleetwood Mac to impress your father
and all the while I know that I'm where I should be

Anticipation's left me in a constant state of wanting you
and no matter what I do
I cant stop thinking about where you are
six hours ahead and so is my heart
tell every Irish boy you meet about me

Track Name: Closer
May I have this dance tonight?
when I saw you in the crowd I made a wish
that I could be your only one
I come clean beneath the light
it's love at first sight or it should be
If i play my cards right tonight

Throughout all the music and the lights down low
still all I've wanted is to feel connected

I'll stay here till the sun goes down
I promise that I'm not around
for the drinks and company - it's you
And maybe it's not obvious
but two more down and I'll be flush
with the possibility that I might move closer

Unmask your ghosts tonight
leave nothing but dust beneath the light
I'm under your control so don't let me go
severed hearts and brain dead minds
zombies for life or just tonight
When I see love I hold it close
I can't unsee it
Track Name: Home
Please come back home I'm aching for you
walk through that door like you used to do
and I know it's been a while since you made me smile
but I figured it's long over due

Just say my name like you did
when we were freshman just two kids
and these lecture halls could never contain
the chemistry that we made
I got high on you I know you felt it too
I've got questions so teach me a lesson


My hands are slipping
and I'm not sure if I wanna grip
any tighter than this
My fingers aren't that strong anymore
countdown till I'm painting the floor
three two one let go


I know you have reasons to believe
I'm and asshole but so is he
So you just gonna quit, just give up?
I've got questions so teach me a lesson

Track Name: December
Though the earth left us keep holding strong
fly like birds that chase the sun
without you what's life but a chance to die?
But don't hold back lets find new walls
discover a cause to be proud of
a miracle we can grow to reach the sky
but don't forget the past we'll use it to make this last

So bring on December and we'll brace for your snow
no amount of clothes though the hug and hold
can thaw me down
Is there no more for us?
we're meant more than just these few
attempts at being our best

Try to burn us down take no pause
we'll bathe in smoke to heat our lungs
we'll stand and fight
if we lose at least we tried
my bones are raw but they'll support us both
if you have no place to call your home
we'll survive, I don't mind
but don't forget the past we'll use it to make this last

Track Name: So Convinced
You whisper breaths
simple words that could wake the dead
soft enough I can hear you inside my head
I gotta wake up

You're typical let me go let me break the news
so convinced there's something inside of you

What could be said? Your hands on your hips
I've been waiting for this
so convinced

I come undone lost behind your bloodshot eyes
crawl into my chest and inside my mind
just stay there for a moment, linger for a second
stay there for a moment and build a life inside my walls


I've bet and lost my luck
but now I'm thunderstruck since I've met
rap on your windows I'm just throwing stones
until I get you

Stay here for a moment, linger for a second.
stay here for a moment and build a life inside my walls
so convinced
Track Name: Superior
So leave me in the car but don't drive me home
I'll wait all night for you to come back
I don't have the strength to go outside alone
you're superior in most every way
and I gave in to all the mistakes that you made
and I made them for myself

It's not the way that you said my name
you never even said goodbye

You paved the way for my future let me down
you made me honest but that doesn't mean I fell in love
I packed my bags for my trip please take me now
you made me honest but you made me
Well I've been waiting for that fire
to start an end and breathe me in

Remember what you said the night
I told you that you wouldn't be on my mind
but when has that stopped you before
you're superior, or so they say
and I gave it all to watch you shrug it away
and assess the damage done

It's not the way that you said my name
I can't believe you said goodbye

Track Name: Lost & Found
Lies I've told won't fool you anymore
you've grown colder than the trail I follow now
wake the dead from screaming out my fears
constant panic from the ringing in my ears

This isn't how I saw it in my head
now I'm cursed, a catalyst, with nothing left to be said

Save me, you can't believe I'm drowning
kaleidoscope dreams awake me feverishly
and I can't be sure I'm standing on the ground
I'm lost, you're found
and my misdirected light can't guide me home

Of all the ways you could have gone
you left me here without my arms
to catch myself when I fall down
I've made a mess of things, I guess
I thought I left no consequence
And lived my life for me alone

Save me I must believe I'm drowning
spinning freely down to the empty valley
I'm never sure I'm floating on a cloud
please let me down
I'm too scared to let my eyes show me the way